Story of Micha

Something I hope you understand is: Arendelle is not a product! You are not a user! We’re not selling you anything. Arendelle is something from the heart and you’re someone we wish so much to know because now you’re a part of Arendelle community. We hope you love it and Arendelle be something important for you. We developed Arendelle free and open source because we wanted to share the joy of programming with everyone and therefore we want you to look at Arendelle as a community of people who loves each other who together wants to share a joy! And so you know this book is also not a product guide but something from to my beloved community so I want to share something with you:

As you all know I developed Arendelle with Micha Hanselmann. So I really want to talk about how Micha saved Arendelle. It was maybe the March of 2014 that the idea of writing a simple five command language to create shapes in my CASIO Prizm calculator came to me and I wrote this:

MoveCode was the very first name of it (A few months later I wrote an Arendelle based port of the language which you can find it as Bulda Language) However, after that a few days later when we were playing with MoveCode I saw a simple idea: I could implement loops for it! So I started to create it on my computer and then I had it. MoveCode on my laptop:

I then started to add more features to it and someday when I was watching Disney’s Frozen (I knew that I’m in love with this movie!) I renamed MoveCode to Arendelle as I loved their land’s name so much. (You can find the complete app now named as Arcade IDE).

After that my education system forced me to stop the development and study till summer. In summer Arendelle first engine (or if you want “compiler”) was finished and I was working on this book but as I’m too lazy Arendelle was in the development hell. I had time and nothing to do, but progress was zero. I also failed to create a user-interface for Arendelle because of my first compiler’s design (and I know that Micha is laughing right now).

But there is a phrase in Persian which is ”After even the darkest nights, there’s a beautiful day”. That was when I received an email from someone I knew years ago. Actually, we both learned programming with Microsoft Research’s TouchDevelop and we met in it’s bazaar. I had a simple script and then he developed it a bit and we just knew each other. In the last days of the summer I received an email from him explaining that he found Arendelle’s first basic things and he want a pre-alpha test. That was when I first met him and we began to work with each other maybe five or six hours a day on Arendelle and the fun part was we were always online talking to each other using Telegram for months. Micha liked Arendelle so much that he started to create his own Arendelle compiler which is now the base of Arendelle Android and also a developer emulator of it for desktop that he developed to create the engine but soon it became popular tool and we kept it as JArendelle.

Also I’m an ADD/ADHD person. I have so much difficulty focusing. That’s why I could not focus on Arendelle. Micha made me write Arendelle’s Apple Core so we could have iPhone and Mac Arendelle. He forced me to finish the book and website. And well this working together thing is so cool for me. So now you know our team! The ones you see in our copyright!

This is the story of Micha chapter because the next chapter is his idea!