Hello, World!

What is Hello World?

What is Hello World? It's a good question! Years ago one of the world most famous computer scientist created a language named "C". His name was Dr. Dennis Ritchie. C somehow become the most popular language also all other most popular languages like C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Objective-C, Perl, Rust, Vala... are all based on C. Dennis had a very awesome friend just as awesome as Dennis: Ken Thompson. Ken is another hero who created UNIX operating system. UNIX was continued by other people as other projects. One of those was BSD which is the base of Apple's operating systems Mac OS X and iOS and one other more famous one is the Linux. Linux is the base of Android and 70 percent of internet! Dennis and Ken did many awesome things together like UNIX and Plan 9 operating systems and when Dennis passed away Google hired Ken to write a new programming language, the "Go".

One of the very awesome people who worked on UNIX operating system was Brian Kernighan. Brian and Dennis wrote a book called The C Programming Language. This book is one of the most popular books on learning programming ever written! However the book had an example called 'hello world'. This two words are most famous words between developers because the Hello World software is the most basic software you can ever write. It shows you the message "Hello, World!".

Because of the fact that "Hello World" is officially the most simple program you can write in most programming languages (not in Assembly if you're wondering what language!) and Brain and Dennis are two of the most greatest computer scientists ever existed the "Hello, World!" software has become a very deep tradition and culture of programming as I can say if there be only one tradition between developers is hello world.

This very tradition is writing hello world as the first program in any language or environment. So when a developer wants to learn programming in Julia he/she writes a hello world or if someone's going to learn developing iOS applications the first software will be hello world!

There is something more to say! At first the original software had an output like this:

hello world

But then it soon found a more pretty version that is still used anywhere it has a ! at it's end and a , after hello and both hello and world started with a capital letter at first so the output was this:

Hello, World!

How to write it?

Enough with the history class let's do it! Arendelle is a language for creating beautiful and it does not supports texts you may ask how we're going to do it? Look at this:

Each window has title like this that says Arcade IDE 10.3 / 15.O DEV. Each language gives us a way to change that title. In Arendelle you must write the text you want between to apostrophes for example you want the text Hello, World! to be displayed as the title you shall write:

'Hello, World!'

Now open your Arendelle interpreter, something like Arcade IDE or Arendelle Studio and then type whatever you see in the light-gray box up there like this:

And now! This is the time! When I said now push the enter button, Are you ready? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, NOW!!! You're code will change your title to this:

Congratulations! You just wrote your first program! If it's your first time programming ever you will remember this very screen running your very first application for the rest of your life! Believe me!

See you in the next chapters. I'm so happy to see you writing your very first program with my language and my book. You made me proud for the rest of life!