Congratulations! You finished the book! It’s my most beloved honor that you read my book. Thank you so very much! I hope you love Arendelle the way we do and use it to create beautiful things! With your programming knowledge learning any language is so easy. Arendelle is a good language to create creative arts and apps. However, there are also many cool languages you can use and learn. They are like music: each song is awesome and each song is unique. So you have to learn many languages. I suggest you learn languages like Python or my favorite Lua. This two language are designed to look pretty and be easy after them I strongly ask you to learn C++ the better C that one of my heroes awesome and only Bjarne Stroustrup invented back to 7O’s and still is one of the top best languages of all time.

Also Arendelle is an open source project. You can read our codes and help us make it better using our Developer Center. What we want is your help to develop the movement of Arendelle. We ask you to teach others what you learned. We ask you to show Arendelle to your friends and help them create their first program. This way you can share the joy of knowing programming and that’s by far the best help you may ever do to us!

Also it would be an honor to receive your emails. We’re looking for all your awesome ideas to make Arendelle something better for anyone! You can always find how to get in touch with me via so many different ways and also please if you found any problem with our system use Arendelle’s Reporter to tell us the problem.

I love you more than anything my good Arendelle community! I hope to see every single of you!

With all the love in my heart